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I am a musician, music lover, and passionate Music Booking Agent who has been in the NW most of my life. I am a firm believer in scene unity focusing primarily on Tribute Bands, and helping them to achieve sustainable success through proven methods of booking, promotion, & social media. I work with diverse artists across the musical spectrum, and endeavor to provide a one-stop shop for public and private music bookings, while providing coaching and support on what I have found to work. Get in touch for more information.

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From live gigs to corporate and private events, I am an experienced Music Booking Agent who will go the extra mile to ensure that all my clients are getting maximum exposure and the deal they deserve. Check out my services offered below and get in touch to set up a meeting.

Cheering Crowd at Concert

Direct Distribution

The Next Big Thing

I take pride in the exceptional and personalized service I offer to all of my talented musicians and clients and particularly enjoy launching or re-launching projects, and together, help them achieve "cruising altitude". Above all, my flexibility allows me to take on a large variety of projects, and this is how I’ve developed into a respected, well-established, and highly connected Music Booking Agent. Contact me now to learn more.

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Nunn Better Productions helps book the best acts at the best venues, connecting fans with the talented musical performers I represent. I know that great service begins with personalized attention and guidance every step of the way. Providing coaching on proven methods of self promotion and capitalizing on social media, we can build your brand to your desired level as a team. Nunn Better Productions also offers our clients several extended services at reasonable fees from show posters to web design and social media pages. Learn more about the great benefits of working with me — get in touch today.

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Are you looking for your big break in the music industry? Are you looking for a quality booking once a month or 80 shows a year?We will work together to achieve the level of activity that works for you. This service benefits both my music artists and local venues. My important connections within the entertainment industry help give my rising stars the support they need to escalate their career. Let's meet for lunch, coffee, or get in touch today to learn more.

Schedule a consultation and find out what works best for you.

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A Tribute to Pearl Jam

Washed in Black is comprised of a group of seasoned musicians reigning from the great Pacific Northwest. Banded together to pay homage to the music of Pearl Jam and to bring the full concert experience of one of the most prolific bands of our time.


Through our tribute in both full concert, and unplugged formats, we aim to capture the sound, spirit, and vibe that helped to define a bold new era in rock. It is our goal with each performance to share that experience, and the vibe, that literally defined an era with our friends and our fans. Tipping a bottle of wine to you......

Country Artist

A Mother Love Bone Tribute

Before Pearl Jam, there was Mother Love Bone. Future Pearl Jam members Stone Gossard (guitar) and Jeff Ament (bass) were founders of this Seattle-based glam/punk outfit, which was fronted by flamboyant singer Andrew Wood. But despite countless accolades from the press and their peers, the group's career was cut short before it could truly blossom due to tragedy.

In Tribute to this this amazing band that was far too short lived, the members of WIB have joined forces with front man Jacques LeJeune to share this incredible music again. As with WIB we are first and foremost fans of a band and the music we love. Just five guys getting together to pay homage to some of the greats of an era of rock that changed the face of music the world over.

Andrew Wood called it Love Rock. Peace.

Tribute to Soundgarden

& Temple of The Dog

"OUTSHINED" is a gathering of top Seattle musicians with an addiction to live energy and showmanship. In honor of Soundgarden & Temple of the Dog, the Seattle, WA based tribute band "OUTSHINED" bring an authentic and powerful sonic experience.


They do not try to look like the bands, act like the bands, or try to "be" the bands; they just painstakingly recreate and make sure that they sound exactly like the albums.

Alice In Chains; Pearl Jam; Soundgarden; Mother Love Bone

"Best of The NW Tribute" with four top tribute bands from Seattle, performing all Seattle music from the height of the grunge era ready to ignite any stage, anywhere.”

Washed in Black - A Tribute to Pearl Jam

Jar of Flies - The Ultimate Alice in Chains Experience

Outshined - A Tribute to Soundgarden & Temple of The Dog

Stargazer - A Mother Love Bone Tribute

Woman in Yellow

The Stone Temple Pilots Experience

Wicked Garden faithfully recreates the Stone Temple Pilots concert experience. Everything from the hard driving guitar riffs, melodic bass lines, complex drumming, and of course Scott Weiland's hypnotic vocals. Top that all off with bull horns, feather boas, orange hair and on-stage antics, and you are in for a great show. Tracks from all of their albums are fair game, but expect a heavy emphasis all your favorites from the early 90's.

Tribute to Sammy Hagar (all eras)

Mas Tequila brings you the best of Sammy Hagar. Rocking the hits of Montrose, Sammy Solo, Van Hagar, the Wabos, etc...

We bring you back to the important things in life: Parties, Girls, Cars and ROCK N ROLL!! There's only one way to ROCK and it's with Mas Tequila!!!


The great thing about Mas Tequila is that Sammy's music can stand alone for an evening or play with a wide variety of bands from 70's classic rock to 80's glam to early 90's rock.  It's all about the party and making sure everyone is having a good time.  It's totally inclusive, fans come back again and again because of how fun it is.

Foreigner Tribute

Northwest born, Fever 103 brings to you an authentic and musically precise Foreigner experience. Featuring some of Seattle's finest musicians.

Pat Benetar 

Featuring the vocal prowess of Sarah Pinzon and a supporting band of world class musicians, Patitude is dedicated to paying tribute to the music of Pat Benatar while adding a healthy dose of 80's style strut and swagger to their live show that leaves their fans screaming for more!

A Tribute to Phil Collins (including Genesis)

For an entire generation Phil Collins music moved our hearts and touched our souls. Whether it was his solo material or fronting the brilliant Genesis. His lyrics were real and honest as he put his heart on display and we were drawn into his world. Invisible Touch is a collection of Seattle musicians who’s lives were touched by that music and the man behind it. So join us, as we take you back to a time when hits like “In the air tonight“, “Invisible Touch”, “Sussudio” and “Don’t lose my number” poured through our car speakers and became more than songs, they became memories. Featuring members of several of Seattle best tribute acts including: The Infinity Project (Journey), Wings and Things (Paul McCartney), Borrowed Time (Boston), American Fool (John Cougar Mellencamp) and Third Stage (Boston). Invisible Touch is committed to faithfully recreating the hits that made Phil Collins a legend and his music legendary.

A Tribute to Supertramp

Thank you for joining us in a celebration of the music of Supertramp!   

PseudoTramp is composed of these veteran rock musicians from the American Pacific Northwest:

The band was established in 2015, officially launching in April 2017. We focus on the Supertramp era known as the “Classic Lineup”(1973-1983) 

PseudoTramp offers a 2+ hour concert and has also double-billed with popular tribute bands in the Pacific Northwest to provide a full evening of great music to audiences in a variety of venue settings.


PseudoTramp is one of only two active Supertramp tribute bands in the U.S.              

Elton Joel

Tribute to Elton John & Billy Joel

Elton/Joel: A Tribute to Elton John and Billy Joel is a conglomerate of incredibly talented musicians paying homage to two of musics greatest hit makers.

The Ultimate Alice in Chains Experience

Jar of Flies (the ultimate AIC experience) is a gathering of top Seattle musicians with a passion for live energy and true showmanship. In honor of Alice in Chains, the Seattle-based tribute band brings an authentic and powerful sonic experience.


They do not try to look like the bands, act like the bands, or try to "be" the bands; they just painstakingly work to ensure that they sound exactly like the albums, and recreate those memories for fans like themselves.

Washed in Black
Jar of Flies
Outshined - Tribute to Soundgarden & TOTD
Best of The NW Tribute
Invisible Touch - Phil Collin Tribute
Wicked Garden - The STP Experience
PseudoTramp - Tribut to Sepertramp
Mas Tequila - Tribute to Sammy Hagar
Elton Joel
Fevr 103


If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

(425) 870-7145

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